Frequently Asked questions

The Washing Bay offers laundry, ironing and dry cleaning services. We’re working towards launching other cleaning services soon.
We currently offer laundry and dry cleaning services with free pickup and delivery across Mumbai, and ironing only services in Andheri. You can try our app or website to check if your area is serviceable or simply call us.
We’re a pretty ambitious company and are eager to expand our services to other regions of Greater Mumbai as well as other cities across India in the near future.
Yes. We require a minimum 2kg order for laundry, a minimum order value of Rs.500 for dry cleaning and a minimum order value of Rs.200 for only ironing. We need to adhere to this minimum value simply to optimize our operations and keep our business viable.
We do our best to return your laundry within 48hrs. However, it could also take up to 72hrs on days where we may be servicing excessive deliveries. A delivery time will be committed when you call to order or inquire, or when we call you to confirm your online order. If there’s any delay due to unforeseen circumstances, we will inform you of the same.
Dry cleaning usually takes 4-5 days from the time it’s picked up. If you need your clothes returned sooner you can check with us and we’ll give you the earliest date and time possible. Additional charges may be applicable for express orders.
Clothes for ironing will be picked up, ironed and delivered within 48 hrs. In case you need them earlier, do check with us and we’ll do our best.
We currently offer ironing services only in Andheri. But if you have clothes for ironing along with a laundry / dry cleaning order we can get those done too. All you need to do is separate the clothes for ironing and laundry and instruct our delivery executive to tag them separately.
Yes. We accept clothes for dry cleaning if the total order value is worth Rs.500 or more.
We take utmost care to ensure this does not happen by recounting your clothes at every stage and processing your order separately. However, in the rare case that you do find any garment missing (or you find an item that does not belong to you) please notify us immediately so we can track and return them at the earliest. If we are unable to find your garment we will compensate for the loss after ascertaining responsibility. Kindly see our Terms & Conditions section for details on reimbursement in case of loss or damage.
If we ascertain that a garment was damaged during the washing or dry cleaning process we will have it repaired at no extra cost. If we are unable to repair the garment we will compensate for the damage. The Washing Bay does not take any responsibility for any pre-existing wear and tear or discolouration or any such deterioration that may occur naturally during the process of washing or dry cleaning. The Washing Bay also does not take any responsibility for staining that may occur as a result of your clothes bleeding / running colour. Kindly see our Terms & Conditions section for more details on reimbursement in case of loss and damage.
You can place an order via our app, website or call us on +91 22 65339966. We're also on Whatsapp at +91 9769896660. If you're unable to reach us on any of these or encounter a problem, you can email us at and we'll get back to you at the soonest.
    There are a few things you can do before pick up to help us serve you better. .
  • Sort new clothes and clothes that may bleed colour from the rest. Inform us so we can carry separate bags.
  • Separate clothes meant for washing, ironing only and dry cleaning.
  • Make a note of clothes that might be stained or worn and inform us.
  • Turn tshirts with designs/ prints inside out.
  • Close zippers, hooks, fasteners.
  • Empty all pockets.
  • Unroll sleeves & cuffs
  • Count the clothes.
  • Get in touch with us if you need the pick up rescheduled.
The Wash & Iron service includes steam ironing and costs Rs.250/- per kg. The Wash & Fold service does not include ironing and costs Rs.200/- per kg. The free pickup and drop and minimum order conditions are applicable to both services. We recommend you try our wash & iron service for maximum satisfaction.
No worries. We understand the uncertainties of modern life. We will call you and reschedule the pickup or drop.
You can choose to pay at the time of delivery or while placing your order.
Payments can be done by cash or cheque at the the time of delivery or pickup. We also accept direct NEFT & IMPS fund transfers to our account and payments via PayTM wallet. Online payments can also be done on a URL that will be shared with you once your order is ready for delivery.
We are open all 7 days of the week! Certain holidays maybe an exception to this simply for reasons of compliance or due to government laid regulations.
Refer to Terms & Conditions section for details on Refund/Return.